Got Questions?

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a mission-driven business that is created to address social issues or generate social change.  Rise Up & Roast is fueling the future of victims of sex trafficking and people experiencing poverty through dignified employment.

Who are the employees of Rise Up & Roast?

Employees of Rise Up & Roast are individuals that are engaged in one of The Hub: urban ministry’s programs. These programs include The Lovewell Center’s VIP program and the Purchased: Not for Sale adult recovery programs. This means that our employees are survivors - survivors of poverty, homelessness, addiction and sex trafficking. The real answer to “Who are the employees of Rise Up & Roast” is THEY ARE ROCKSTARS.

Where does Rise Up & Roast coffee come from?

Every bean is sourced and roasted by Rhino Coffee labs, our incredible friends in this social enterprise. Check each product for its unique source location.

What does 100% model mean?

When you buy coffee or merch from Rise Up & Roast, 100% of your profits go directly to our employees.  As a part of The Hub: urban ministries, Rise Up & Roast operational costs are fundraised and given through community grants.  This allows for your spending to make a DIRECT impact.

When will I get my order?

Our coffee is roasted on Mondays!  We ship/deliver all orders every Tuesday!  

How fresh is my coffee?

Our coffee is roasted Monday of every week, meaning that when it arrives to you it is FRESH...less than a week from roast date!

How long is my coffee fresh?

Sealed Ground Coffee lasts 3 months (if using our resealable bags)
Sealed Whole Bean Coffee lasts 4.5 months
Unsealed Ground Coffee lasts 2 days

Pro-tips:  For peak freshness brew within 2 weeks.  Make sure your coffee is always packaged or placed in a sealable container to get the most out of the freshness.

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